A Diabolical New Series for Jigsaw Puzzle Daredevils

Some thrill-seekers climb Everest. This is insane, but admirable.

Some thrill-seekers will try our next puzzle series. This is just as insane.

It’s called Black and White and Red All Over, and it...is...fiendish. Sadistic. Diabolical. If we’re being honest, we’re a little concerned about ourselves for coming up with it.

The series consists of three 1,000-piece puzzles that are each a single color.

You read that right.

Each puzzle is a single color. 

They're black...and white...and red...all over. (See what we did there?) Each piece is as infuriatingly, tantalizingly monochrome as the next. It’s ingenious in its simplicity.

The packaging is gorgeous—which is good, because you’re going to spend a lot of time staring at the boxes and muttering, “Why? Why did I make this choice? I could be curing cancer.” 

In fact, we’ve only produced 1,000 of this series. We thought that was pushing how much humanity could handle. 

But if you actually are into this, get yours before they run out. 

And this is where we have a confession to make...

Most of us at Blue Kazoo haven’t completed these.

Frankly, we’re afraid to try. We value our sanity.

But we believe that puzzler’s out there. The Indiana Jones of puzzlers. The Sir Edmund Hillary of puzzlers. The puzzler who understands that high risk equals high reward—that every time you snap two pieces together, you’ll get the surge of dopamine that compels you to persist despite the odds.

No, it’s not for everyone. 

But we have a sneaking suspicion it might be for you. 

Check it out! Then buy one for yourself, buy one for an enemy, or just go look upon something horrible and feel reassured that it will never happen to you.